Injury Management

Athletic Trainer (AT) Availability

The AT is available to athletes most days after school in the athletic training facility (ATF) room D125 unless there is a planned/unplanned absence, scheduled competition, or need to be present at another venue.  A tentative daily schedule for the AT will be posted outside the ATF for athletes to reference.

SMHS sport teams practice and host home competitions at multiple venues.  This makes it impossible for the AT to be present at all home events.  If the AT is not immediately available at the time of injury, coaching staff can assist athletes/parents in coordinating with the AT.

It is understood that some injuries are recognized after hours.  In these situations, if your athlete is comfortable, they can be seen by the AT the following day. If there is a need to be seen emergently or non-emergently by a physician, please have your athlete return with a physician note (instructions below).

Injury Responsibilities of the Athlete and Parent

  • Athletes should check in with the AT regarding injury concerns
  • Athletes are responsible for following treatment recommendations
  • Parents should utilize Healthy Roster for injury updates and contact AT for more information when needed
  • Inform the AT of all physician visits regarding injury or acute illness
    • Provide AT with a written note from physician visits to ensure:
      • Treatment with the AT
      • Return to participation
      • Communication between the physician, AT, and coaching staff

Physician notes should state injury/illness diagnosis, recommendations for sport participation, and treatment recommendations.  Once seen by a physician, athletes will not be returned to participation without written clearance from the physician or guidelines for AT to return athlete to participation.

The Physician Referral Form can be taken to physician visits in lieu of obtaining a physician note.


  • All athletes diagnosed with a concussion must successfully complete concussion management (per physician guidelines and supervised by the AT) prior to return to sport participation.
  • Click here for the Providence Concussion Management Guidelines
  • The Concussion Medical Form should be taken to physician appointments for concussions and returned to the AT

Team Physicians

If in need of an appointment with a team physician, please contact the point person for the physician (listed below). To help facilitate the appointment, state that you are calling to schedule an appointment for a SMHS athlete. Contact the AT if in need of assistance.

Providence Sports Medicine
To schedule contact Brittany, Kayla, or Stefanie at 541-732-8790
Dr. Michael Potter
Dr. Carol Wilder
Dr. Aaron Williams

Southern Oregon Orthopedics
To schedule contact Melissa at 541-608-2527
Dr. Todd Clevenger