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Helena Russell, a Certified Athletic Trainer, is in her fifth year of working with South Medford High School athletics. She is an outreach athletic trainer provided by Providence Sports Medicine. Helena is certified from the Board of Certification and is licensed with the State of Oregon Health Licensing Office as an Athletic Trainer. Helena received her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology with a minor in Psychology in 2002 and spent a decade working in the mental health field in Rhode Island for a community outreach program.  She received her Master’s degree in Athletic Training from Bridgewater State University before relocating to Southern California, where she worked as an athletic trainer for the University of California at San Diego with the soccer, water polo, and track and field programs. In 2015, Helena and her family made the move from California to Southern Oregon after she accepted a position with Providence Sports Medicine.

Her role as an athletic trainer spans from first aid and emergency response, evaluation and rehabilitation of orthopedic conditions, as well as concussion management. She is also a liaison between parents, physicians, nurses, physical therapists, coaches, administrative staff, counselors, and teachers.

Message to Parents

‘In the athletic training facility (ATF) at South Medford High School I am able to assess, treat and rehabilitate injuries sustained during high school athletics. As a Certified Athletic Trainer, I am trained to care for most medical problems your student-athlete may experience while participating in sports at SMHS. Please understand that my presence at every event is impossible due to the number of sports and athletes I am responsible for, but I will ALWAYS make my best effort to be present at as many events as possible.

Some injuries take place away or don’t appear until after athletes have gone home.  As long as they are comfortable, I can see them the next school day but I understand that some injuries need to be seen by a physician, the urgent care, or emergency room. In these situations I ask that your student-athlete return with a note either clearing them or withholding them from sport along with the written diagnosis. Also know that your student-athlete may be withheld until functionally able to get back safely to their sport.  You may contact me to obtain my physician coordination form prior to seeing a physician.  In addition, I have access to team physicians that will make every effort to prioritize student-athlete appointments. Please DO NOT hesitate to contact me if you would like to take advantage of this service.

I am available to student-athletes most days after school in the ATF (room D125) unless there is a planned/unplanned absence or I need to leave for another sporting event. My schedule is posted daily outside the ATF. For new injuries, athletes are expected to check in with their coach first and then come to the ATF.  As your child is a student-athlete, the expectation is that they stay in class until classes are out for the day. Athletes that have a scheduled event are given first priority, then those who are currently being treated, followed by new evaluations. I will do my best to communicate with you if the injury is going to need further evaluation by a physician or if they will need to be out of competition for a period of time.’

Healthy Roster

  • Healthy Roster (HR) is the HIPPA compliant electronic medical record system supported by Providence Sports Medicine for documentation of injuries sustained by athletes.  The HR system is separate from the school district.
  • HR is the main form of communication between the athletic trainer, parent, and coaching staff regarding injury management and return to sport participation guidelines.
  • Parents are responsible for creating and maintaining their HR accounts.
    • Information forms will be handed out to first time athletes and returning athletes without a current HR account at the beginning of each sports season.
    • Completed information forms should be returned to the athletic trainer.  Once information is entered into the HR system by the athletic trainer, a no-reply email will be automatically generated. Please follow the instructions in the email to create your HR account.

Injury Management Responsibilities of the Athlete and Their Parent(s)

  • Inform the athletic trainer of ALL Injuries that occur during the season, whether or not it happened while participating in their sport. This is essential in the recovery process.
  • Inform the athletic trainer of ALL physician visits regarding injury and return to participation.  
  • Provide the athletic trainer with a written note from ALL physician visits. This is important for documentation of an athlete’s injury and return to participation guidelines and aids in communication between the physician and AT.  A physician coordination form can be provided, upon request, for appointments in lieu of providing a physician note.  Physician completion of this form will clarify instructions to both the athletic trainer and coaching staff regarding rehabilitation and return to sport participation guidelines. Athletes will not be allowed to return to participation without written documentation from their physician.
  • All athletes diagnosed with a concussion must successfully complete the concussion protocol (per OSAA) prior to returning to sports participation, regardless of whether the concussion occurred during sport participation.  Inform athletic trainer of all suspected head injuries.

**Compliance and Communication**

Our job is to keep your athlete safe. It is the ATHLETE’S RESPONSIBILITY to follow directions specified by the athletic trainer. Rehabilitating an injury requires consistency in order to achieve the best possible outcome. This could mean taking sufficient time to rest or completing a rehabilitation prescription daily before or after practice. The athletic trainer will contact parents with medical concerns about serious injury or illness. Parents are always welcome and encouraged to contact the athletic trainer with questions/concerns.


Helena’s Contact Information


Email:  OR

Cell:    (401) 338-6948

Fax:    (541) 732-3415 (Providence Sports Medicine)